With a new term about to begin, do your school’s first aid policy and staff training requirements need updating? Here are a few things to consider: Are all your first aid qualifications still valid and in date? These have to be renewed every three years by completing another course.

Has anything changed since last year? For example, have staff members left who held the qualifications and responsibility for first aid? Do staff members have holidays/time away during term time and therefore you may need additional staff to cover the first aid responsibilities.

Are you participating in new learning programmes? For example. Forest Schools and learning outside the classroom could mean your team may need additional training for any new equipment that could be more hazardous.

Does your first aid policy reflect any changes or updates?

Does your first aid training need updating/refreshing if you have children with medical conditions joining you this academic year?

For example anaphylaxis and use of the school’s emergency adrenaline auto-injector pen. If you need any help or advice, please feel free to get in touch as we can help with all of this and more. We specialise in working with schools and it is what we are excellent at.